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1 day Visitalia Card Milano is Yellow!

Art, Food, Made in Italy and Green in one welcome card!
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 Our offer comes with a complete kit The Visitalia Tourist Kit

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napoli card

 Visitalia Tourist Carda discount card with an identification code.

travel map icon Travel Mapa map indicating all our partners and some surprising itineraries

logo travel5 Travel Guide – a complete guide to discover our partners, with contacts, addresses, prices and much other useful information. 

transit ticket iconTransport Ticket – a local transport ticket Art, Food, Made in Italy and Green in one card: Visitalia Tourist Card 

 Visitalia Tourist Card  

 Discount Card Milano is Yellow! 


Live the milano experience at 360 degrees getting culinary gifts, free entrance and discounts for museums, historical sites, Italian restaurants and street food, tours and services, accommodations and clubs. That’s definitely your key to discovering the city! 


Shipment : Pick up Point  or Receive your card directly to your accomodation for free in 48 hours 
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Napoli Headquarters / Registered Office
Strada San Cristofaro 51
80055 Portici (NAPOLI) - Italia


Milano Headquarters
Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 3
20136 MILANO - Italia




 Visitalia Tourist Card

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