Things to do in Milan


The Italy of the future



Milan: Italy’s most international city.

Visiting a city without being a tourist. 

Visiting Milan means discovering another kind of Italy – the Italy of the future.

But, you must be asking yourself, isn’t this the old Italy? Well, this is precisely where Milan comes in as it is where the future fuses with the past, with its history.

Things to do in Milan

Milan is not one of those cities where you just buy souvenirs at the airport right before take-off. In this city, you’re meant to indulge in Italy’s renowned cuisine and sip on its exquisite italian coffee, go shopping for stylish Italian shoes, take its old-fashioned tram from the 30s, or simply ride the best subway system in Italy.

It is here where we can listen to contemporary Italian music – at the very place where it’s composed. We can even attend one of the most famous operas in the world, “Teatro alla Scala.” 

But remember, you’re not a tourist in Milan! Here you are a Milanese, and you better get your engines started because there are countless things to do in Milan! 

In just few days, you’ll get to visit the most impressive gothic cathedral in Italy, il Duomo, even if it’s just for a quick minute. You will climb up the cathedral to be mesmerized by a panoramic view of the modern Milan as well as the statue of the “Madonnina.” And don’t worry about it! Milanese people do this too, so you’ll fit right in.




Getting hungry? You’re in Italy, so it’s time for the aperitif which is a Milanese tradition that you must experience. This is especially taking into consideration all the delicious food you’ll have at your fingertips just about everywhere you go in this city.  

Feeling tired?

You’ll be back in your hotel to take a short break in no time. Milan is not as big as other cosmopolitan cities, so you can quickly reach every place by metro, tram, car sharing, bike, or on foot.



As you walk through Milan, you will inevitably come across its high-end interior design stores where you’ll be in awe of such refined Milanese taste. Bear in mind that this is simply the norm here as behind any high-end design, there’s always a Milanese.

Art & Fashion in Milan 

Visiting Milan, even if it’s only for a weekend, is like learning to see the world through the eyes of an Italian. It’s a free course to acquire good taste!  

Gazing at a Prada window display, watching high fashion pass you by as if Milanese sidewalks were runways, stumbling upon exclusive galleries, eating succulent, gourmet food…This is Milan for you! 

Afterwards, why not pay a visit to the “ Last Supper ” by Leonardo da Vinci? Are you a lover of Italian art? Are you more of a Raffaello or Caravaggio enthusiast? Go for a short visit to the Pinacoteca of Brera, one of the most important museums in the world. 

How about a boat ride? You can sail along the Navigli. Painting was not the only thing Leonardo did in his adoptive city; he also planned Milan’s impressive canal system.




More things to do in Milan? If you’re still hungry, make sure to try some exquisite gelato. This is a must in Italy! 

You can experience all of this for yourself in Milan: the eccentric Italian city that yearns for being the most modern among the oldest cities on Earth. 

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