Things to do in Naples

The Italian Anarchist


Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, but… Naples?



Lonely Planet calls it "an unexpected work of art" – although ‘unexpected’ might not be the most appropriate word in this case.


At Visitalia we would rather describe it as: unexplored!

 So, let’s discover it together.


At one point in history, Naples used to be the capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the third richest city of the Spanish Empire. Today, it’s the most populated city in the south of Italy with one million inhabitants, and it’s among the most emblematic cities along the Mediterranean.

Take for example the city’s famous Via San Gregorio Armeno. As you wander down this narrow cobblestoned alley, you’ll come across its fascinating markets where you’ll have the chance to admire carefully crafted figurines and other neat accessories. Meanwhile, you’ll experience those glimpses, cliché Italian shouting, smiles, and the friendliness of its people that have inevitably made more than one poet fall in love with the city.





We bet that’s not what you were expecting! Well, brace yourself because Naples is sure bound to amaze you!

There are many things to see in Italy, so why choose Napoli?

Very simple: Naples is the spirit of Italy – a blend of its beauty and its very own contradictions.

And as always, it wants to be loved, it needs to impress.

If you visit Naples, you will also have the chance to walk around perfectly preserved Roman towns such as Pompeii and Herculaneum which are just a few kilometers from the capital.





This city, which daringly lives under the largest active volcano in Europe entirely surrounded by the sea, will ensure that you have an authentic Italian experience. Forget about tourist traps in Naples! This town will bring you the real, traditional Italian cuisine that you savor in old-fashioned restaurants that are simply to die for and can’t be found anywhere else. You’ll get to admire Caravaggio as you drink the best coffee in the world in historical and modern cafés. You’ll go for a stroll around ancient neighborhoods and even get to stand before such magnificent palaces like the Palazzo Venezia. What else could you ask for?


How about delving beyond the surface and discovering the underground side of Naples? Get your Indiana Jones spirit going and go on an adventure to explore the catacombs.

Are you the glamorous kind? Did you think Naples didn’t have its touch of glam?

Naples knows how to dress up and be fancy with its magnificent hand-made silk ties although it is always careful not to get any of its world renowned pizza on it – better stay as classy as ever.




As you will see, this city represents a fusion of mere sophistication, culture, friendliness, and a touch of simplicity.

What can I buy in Naples?

Something small like a typical dessert such as a cream-puff or just go big and shop for custom tailored suits which will most likely be some of the most expensive suits around. Did you not know that Naples is the tailoring capital of the world?

By walking down Via Chiaia, the most exclusive street in the city, or by checking out our partners’ products, it will help you to understand the quality of the countless local gourmet and high-end products this city has to offer.

Quiz time: Can you guess where the ties American presidents usually wear come from?

I’m sure now you can!

Is music your thing? Are you more of an opera or a pop music fan? The San Carlo theatre brings you several options. Bear in mind that this is the birthplace of the unmistakable “O sole mio,” so make the most of this opportunity to enjoy this classic on Italian grounds.



More of an art lover? Sculpture, painting, or architecture? Have you ever heard about “Maschio Angioino”? Do you want to visit the magnificent Basilica of Santa Chiara or one of the most important archaeological museums in the world? In the mood for some Caravaggio perhaps?

I’ve heard that it’s not the easiest city to explore, is it difficult to visit?

It’s an Italian city, so you can visit it without a problem. Don’t worry about it! In any case, if you wish you can rely on local guides to take you on your journey. Even then, we got you. We know the best ones.

Are you planning on getting around by subway? Remember to get off at Toledo station. You will then realize that even a subway station in Naples can turn out to be a work of art.

Finally, where can I stay?

The Neapolitans are among the most hospitable people in the world.

It comes as no surprise that they have a fantastic bed & breakfast network.

Rather stay in a hotel?

Find 4-star accommodation here.


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