Traveler or tourist in Italy


A different way to visit Italy



Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world. This means one thing: Throughout your journey, you will get to see the beauty that half of the world dreams to one day visit.


But, how could you have a one-of-a-kind experience?


Easy, put the tourist status aside and become a genuine traveler!


Italy is an amazing country. We already know that, but are there any down sides to it? Let’s face it, tourists are just about everywhere.


When we visit an Italian city, we tend to be taken aback by the fact that there are far too many tourists. But, aren’t we tourists ourselves?


Not necessarily!



Tourist- in-Italy


Italy has a clear advantage over other countries: There’s more than just sea and beaches; there are countless cities in Italy worth visiting. You’re inevitably bound to see art in just about every corner, magnificent palaces, ancient villages full of history, and all of this in unique locations nearby the sea or in the mountains. Italy is unique!



1 Places in Italy



Contrary to popular belief, places in Italy are not just sitting there waiting to welcome tourists to come alive. No matter where in Italy you are, it is always thriving with life.


We want to share the beauty of our country with you; we do not want to promote tourism for the sake of tourism. We want to accommodate and attend to you – even if it’s only for a day.



2 Second advantage






Italian people are quite diverse and come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. But you can bet you’ll be able to recognize Italians by their style!



3 In Italy, we don’t drink coffee.






There’s no such thing. In Italy, when you ask for coffee, it’s actually an espresso. And, cappuccino? Only in the morning, and never after lunch!


Italians know how to dress. You can agree or not, but there’s an undeniable truth that you must accept: Italians love to dress up. Comfort is the last word you’d use to describe an Italian’s style. Do you like to travel comfortably? Sure, we can understand why.


But please avoid the faux pas tourists make by wearing sandals with those long, white socks.


Instead, go on a shopping spree! Indulge yourself in Italian style and buy some trendy clothes! You're in the home of fashion, so treat yourself to something nice!



4 Don't speak a word of Italian? No worries!

Italian-LanguageMilan, Florence, Rome, among many others are all international cities. Bear in mind that beyond being capitals of fashion, art, music, and design, they’re also considered financial centers where you’ll be able to find offices of international organizations without a problem. So, use your English, smile, and use as many as gestures as needed. It will be more than enough to successfully communicate!  


Remember, you are a traveler, not a tourist.


You’ll be communicating with the locals, so don’t stress out. Even if it’s foreign place, simply relax and take in everything that Italy has to offer.


Don’t seek and look around for what you’re used to back home. Be adventurous, try new things, and discover the unthinkable. It’s time to put yourself to test and venture off!



Other tips



Capture memorable moments. Take pictures of new things and people that intrigue you and have the chance to meet along the way. Remember, moments are short-lived, and monuments will be around for a long time. Leave those for last. In the end, there’s always a postcard you can buy even if it’s on the way out.


Go somewhere off the beaten track. What is it that you want to visit? Choose five to eight places you consider visiting is a must. After that...feel free to get lost! Read our guide, take our advice, and depending on what you’re up for, just go with it.


Travel smart and save.


With Visitalia, we can help you can save money effortlessly. You will have more money to spend to do more things or simply save up for your next trip…to Italy, of course!


Saving money usually means depriving ourselves of something. With Visitalia, it acquires a different meaning: it means you get to pay less. We’ll show you the smartest way to save.



Eat away!




Some countries feature a cuisine that may seem a bit on the wild side and perhaps not loved by many. You can be sure of one thing though: Italy is the complete opposite. Who doesn’t love Italian food? Just about everyone absolutely loves it, so try our cuisine and be ready to be delighted.


One rule: If you see way too many ingredients in a single dish, then run away from it! It’s not Italian! Additional tip: If the menu is only in Italian, then that’s a good sign. It’s most likely authentic.



“Divertiti” is an Italian word that means to have fun and enjoy yourself, so have fun your way! Do you love going out and dancing? Well, Italy is certainly not a boring country. Love art, museums? Well, Italy is a living museum, so get ready for culture overload the Italian way.


Feeling eager to meet new people? Ask a stranger for information. Most likely that person will take you to where you want to go, and you might even get a new a friend out of it. As everyone usually says, we are extremely nice and open-minded people.


Is this your first time in Italy? Believe us when we say it won’t be the first or last. You'll come back. It’s not your first time? Then, you know what we're talking about.



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