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  1.  The Visitalia Tourist Card purchased online is non-refundable and non exchangeable. This rule applies in the event of closure of participating museums for public holidays or unforeseen events (such as strikes), or free entrance days. No replacements or refunds can be offered for lost or stolen cards.

  2. The Visitalia Tourist Card Insurance covers the buyer for non-use of the card. If Visitalia Tourist Card Insurance is purchased the unused card may be returned in its original condition for a full refund.

  3. The Visitalia Tourist Card is for use on consecutive calendar days.

  4. The Visitalia Tourist Card may only be used by the card's signatory. Once signed it is non-transferable.

  5. The Visitalia Tourist Card does not give admission to temporary exhibitions or guided visits, or to any attractions when they are closed.

  6. The Visitalia Tourist Card is valid for use within 12 months following date of purchase unless otherwise specified. Once activated it will expire at the end of consecutive days purchased.

  7. Opening times of participating Locations fluctuate from time to time and users of information on this website are advised to check with the Location concerned prior to visiting in order to ascertain the opening times.

  8. All offers, participants, attractions and services listed on this website are contractually bound with the Publishers to offer benefits or discounts to Visitalia Tourist Card holders, as well as other genuine offers and discounts where applicable.

  9. The Publishers have taken all reasonable care to ensure that only properly run and reputable locations of good standing are within the Visitalia Tourist Card scheme. That said, the Publishers shall not be liable for any deficiencies in service, quality of merchandise or health and safety concerning any particular attraction.

  10. All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the Location concerned.

  11. The Publishers shall not be responsible if any Location, contrary to the terms of its Contract with them, unlawfully and with no good cause, refuses offers and discounts where applicable. The Publishers will use reasonable endeavours (where such refusal is unreasonable and/or in breach of Contract) to facilitate admission or other genuine offers and discounts to Visitalia Tourist Card holders by the Location concerned; however, if the Publishers should fail in their attempts, they shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or inconvenience suffered, in whole or in part.

  12. Whilst the Publishers will have used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate, they shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or other inconvenience caused, in whole or in part, by reliance upon such information. The user of the information does so at his own risk.

  13. Holders of the Visitalia Tourist Card recognise and accept that they visit any Location voluntarily and entirely at their own risk.

  14. The Publishers are not in any way responsible for the conditions of the Location or venues or third party acts or omissions at any Location, venue, or service.



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