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What is Visitalia Tourist Card?






City Pass in Italy, Discount Tourist Card in Italy


Visitalia Tourist Card is a full City Pass offering discounts on a wide range of attractions and services, from historical and cultural sites to hotels, shops, restaurants and many other selected partners.


Visitalia Tourist Card is your tourist & travel card addressed to any kind of tourists – lonesome travelers, couples, large families or lively groups – who want to visit Italy and discover its never-ending color scale.


Visitalia Tourist Card is your key to saving both time and money and discovering the best places in town.


It comes with a complete kit, including some very handy tools:



Travel Map

A map indicating all our partners and some surprising itineraries for you to follow and fall in love with.


Discount Guide

A complete guide for choosing the perfect place to go, with contacts, addresses, prices and other useful information.


Visitalia App for iOS and Android coming soon

An interactive geolocalized map of the city, displaying the nearest partners around you. Soon available on iOS App Store and on Google Play Store.


Transport Ticket

A local transport ticket is included in your kit, so you can get on board and... get it easy!

Choose your color...





Each destination is marked with a different color, inspired by local history and culture:


Milano is  YELLOW , like the small houses overlooking the Navigli and the trademark dishes “risotto” and “cotoletta alla milanese”.


Napoli is  RED , like the frescoes in Pompeii, the lava of Vesuvius and the blood of San Gennaro (St. Januarius).








Napoli Headquarters / Registered Office
Strada San Cristofaro 51
80055 Portici (NAPOLI) - Italia


Milano Headquarters
Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 3
20136 MILANO - Italia




 Visitalia Tourist Card

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